In these difficult times, we, the lucky people of Western world, should not turn our shoulders to the poorest countries. As Stigilitz said : “in the world’s advanced economies, compassion should be sufficient motivation to support a multilateral response. But global action is also a matter of self-interest. As long as the pandemic is still raging anywhere, it will pose a threat – both epidemiological and economic – everywhere”. In principle, many of you may agree on this. But how can we find the resources to support the poorest countries (in a context in which the richest countries are in troubles too)? There is a tool, within the IMF, that has not been accurately considered so far, the "Special Drawing RIghts" (SDRs). Please find here the article that I published on "The Georgetown Journal of International Law", in which I propose an innovative measure to tackle the Covid-19 economic crisis, through the use of SDRs.